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Why Skrill?

What makes Skrill easy to use? As soon as you land on the website, only a few details are required. From your name and place of residence, as easy as that. Once you provide those details you account will then be logged in. All of this is free and can be done in two minutes, no time wasted. Once you are logged in and wish to play at a casino, you’ll then need to top up your account through your own bank. After depositing money into your Skrill account then you’ll be able to instantly use your Skrill account on your preferred casino site.

If you deposit money through a bank transfer there will be no charge but should you use Visa or any others a charge may be required.


Should you withdraw from the Skrill account with the current Skrill credit card, you’ll be due to pay €1.80. Should you wish to withdraw with other services, other fees may be applied but the use of other services shouldn’t be required apart from your own Skill credit card.

Withdrawing from your Skrill account on the casino is very straight forward. You proceed to the deposit section for Skrill and then select the amount you wish to withdraw. The amount will be automatically sent to your account at a very rapid pace with no waiting time.

Make sure to always double-check the amount you withdraw or deposit as with Skrill mistakes are very hard to turn back. Overall Skrill is a fast, safe and cheaper payment provider.